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Q: What does Kooshlie mean?

A: Kooshlie is a miss-spelled Norwegian word (koslig) that means 'cozy' or comfortable. I adopted it as my moniker after traveling in Norway back in 2001-2002. The proper spelling was taken, so I phonetically spelled it. It works well with my doula work, as my goal is to make you comfortable during your journey through birth.

Q: What does a doula do?

A: Please read the full description here regarding my doula support:

What Is a Doula & Doula Support

You can also check out what DONA International says about doula support.  DONA Doulas state they are,

a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.”

Q: Where do you offer your classes?

A: Our Classes are fun and interactive. They are offered in person only at the office. We have an open air porch that we can use year round. We offer a 3-week mini series that breaks up the information taught into bite size chunks, or we offer the 1-day bootcamp style for folks who have a busy life and need a one and done option

A private class is an option, if you wish, simply reach out to Jessica if that is a need.

Q: What access to support do I get after I hire a doula?

A: Once you book support with Kooshlie Care Doula Services you have 24/7 access via email, phone, and text support from the whole team. We like to schedule 1 to 3 in person meetings with the whole team. 

For our clients we also offer a monthly pregnancy circle, this is a gathering for you to make connections to other on the same journey of pregnancy

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: It is my goal to be available to support women who want and need a doula regardless of their financial situation. At this time doula services are not covered by insurance. Please don’t let money be a deterrent in hiring a doula. As an independent business owner, I have the autonomy to work with potential clients and offer a sliding scale or payment plans. Additionally, you can pay for doula support via HSA or FSA accounts. Lastly, doula services can be “registered” for and gifts of support can be applied to your balance from family and friends! Learn more about how your loved ones can assist in your birth journey!