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Breastfeeding, Sleep and Parenting Classes

Below you will find a list of our current alternative lass offerings. My classes can be tailored to suit your personal needs. You have the option to choose from a private, semi-private, group, and even an online video chat option. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss a class style not listed.



 Infant Sleep and Beyond is here to build your confidence as parents navigating the first year of sleep. Join Sierra Shantz from Takes a Village as she imparts practical wisdom, guides and tools to help you and your family thrive through sleep.

This class is held on the first Satuday of each month at 1:30 pm and is about 90 minutes long.


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Are you looking for a comprehensive breastfeeding class? 

This class is designed so that both parents are ready for the early days of nourishing their baby with not only milk, but responsive care for their newborn. You’ll gain knowledge and confidence by learning:  the basics of how milk production works, why breastfeeding is so beneficial for babies and moms, getting off to a good start, what a nutritive feeding looks like, and tips for getting rest in those early weeks and how dads can be supportive of breastfeeding and bond with their baby. This is a small group class that allows you the freedom to ask questions.

Class is limited to 5 couples. Come get your questions answered and learn how to care for and nourish your baby in the first few weeks, and set yourself up for success.


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