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A New Year, a New You?

A New Year, a New You?

Do New Year’s resolutions ever feel like an ultimatum to you? Do you dread trying to live up to the ‘hoped for’? You are not alone. Lately each year new has brought with it a sense of.. duty, obligation… a bar that I cannot reach. How do I make significant changes to be a new person this coming year? How do I even begin changing who I am?

Maybe I am over thinking this. Because each January first I am literally a year older than I was the day before. But, sit with me for a moment. The effort to evolve, and to change who you were, seems like a heavy burden. I am all for change, I am all for growing. I think the standards by which we measure ourselves can often times be a stumbling block to tru lasting change.

Sure, I can loose a few pounds in a fasting diet. However in the long term, if I don’t curb the veracious craving for southern sweet tea, it doesn’t matter. Leading with that downer, how do we tackle the new year, without setting ourselves up for ultimate failure, and disappointment? What can I do differently to curate a new person, better than last year, and create a real change. Change, that will last a lifetime, that will improve ourselves, and those around us.

See more, say less

This year, I want to observe, to learn and to grow. I cannot expect to learn without listening. A small goal for myself is to see more, and to say less. I want what I say to count, to be meaningful, and to ultimately build others up. I hope to learn a lot this year by losing some of the hot air that I carry around.

Read more, watch less

Over the years, I have lost the ability to read quickly and enjoy. Therefore each month I will strive to read more than I watch on a screen. Please send me suggestions for this, as I despise the libby app, and have not figured out the rent upgrade with out Amazon Prime. I want to read for fun, and read for growth. Comment below with book suggestions, I love a good adventure, romance or mystery.

Move more, sit less

Over the last 13 years with all of the ‘sit-down’ jobs I have had I have really gotten lazy. And I have lost the stamina that I once had when I was hiking, and climbing daily. I hope to instill a love of activity in my kids. This year I want to be outside, and DOING more. Please invite me, I may have to say ‘next time!’ But I want to come. The invitation will always be open to come with me as well. We are starting a garden this year which will aid in the movement aspect.

Growth without Regret

As I step into 2021, after the craziness of 2020; my aim is to pursue personal growth, without the angst and regret that usually sits on my shoulders. I am not going to set up anything out there on Facebook, or instagram about what I am planning to do in any specific way… I always end up looking at those goals with regret as I pass without change. This year, with my focus inward on my growth, I hope you will join me in stepping into the current YOU, with no regrets, no looking back. Let’s grow together, and be graceful with our past. Our past will always be a part of our growth as a person.