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Afraid to clip?

Afraid to clip?

Here are my simple tips and tricks

Clipping my kids nails is probably one of my least favorite things about being a parent. I am afraid that I will cut the tips of their little fingers and I have… My kids never would sleep through a nail job; so we had to get creative. My crafty husband and I have found some ways that have mitigated the risks.


nail clipping1. Stick with the baby clippers as long as you can. They work great. I have been using my ‘baby gear’ ones since Naomi was a baby.

2. Have plenty of light. I wear an LED head lamp and sit in the brightest room in our house.

3. Plan a distraction; I love the screen for these times, you can have another person read a story or sing songs together as you clip each little nail.

It takes time, the more relaxed you are about it, the more relaxed they will be. Remember as with everything; practice makes perfect!

happily clipped