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Busy Little Bee

Busy Little Bee

Things are really picking up for me this year. For that, I am very grateful. Planning your year out knowing that you have regular work for the next 7 months is very comforting as a self-employed business owner. Staying organized and on top of everything is paramount to success.

Personal Commitments

It is very hard for me to take the time that I need for myself. I always struggle with feeling selfish, guilty or vain. However, I am learning when you are self-employed, you are literally the face of the business. So I need to make myself more important when I am planning my week out.

This may be in the form of regular daily exercise, eating a more healthy diet, or it could be as simple as drinking more water. Whatever it is, no matter how little of a step it is, I am committed to trying to make that happen.

Dolled Up

I have learned that, not only is it OK, for me to do these things, that it is also not vain. I am working on this. Curls are not the most forgiving when you don’t take the time to properly care for them. But I am learning a little more each day. I am very thankful to my husband. He is all in, and supportive of my experimentation with my hair and makeup.

Upcoming Opportunities

I have been given the opportunity to teach regular one-day Childbirth 101 classes at Blessed Births in Greenville SC. I am thrilled and excited about this opportunity. It has pushed me to go ahead and invest in teaching tools that I had been pushing off until later. I will be adding an information line regarding this class on my class page and adding a registration link for future use soon. Stay tuned for more information.

Side Project- Writing A Book In My Spare Time

Late last year I found out that there is very little in regards to supporting families who have an individual with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum. Since then I have been working on building a tool kit and writing a book regarding how to support families during this time frame. I have the foundations of this book started. I am partnering with several lovely ladies in the area to assist me in a broader understanding of the ASD diagnosis.

Please feel free to share with me your story if you fall into this category; I will draw strongly on peoples shared experience as I develop my toolkit and book. You can email me directly at

What Are Your Goals

I am always interested to hear how everyone is doing and what are you working on? Would you be interested in sharing? Putting yourself out there can be hard, but it also gives you some accountability. For me, sometimes that accountability is just what I need to really start turning my wheels.

Thanks for reading!!