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Composed in the Chaos

If you’ve ever picked up anything that is ‘true’ from television or movies is that the parenting journey that you are on is ALWAYS chaos. There are a million books about preparing for pregnancy, birth and parenting. Everyone has a good point or two, but the thing that is true across each is that growing your family is not a one size fits all option.

As a doula I come into the first intimate chaos, it is my joy and privilege to help support you through and create a foundation for the rest of your parenting journey. This starts with helping you write up your birth plan. 


 Some would say that a birth plan is a waste of your breath because EVERYTHING changes in birth, and you cannot have a plan strong enough to prevent ‘left turns’ from happening along the way. ( I always say that it is not your order for steak dinner.) The way I feel about a birth plan is that it is our guide for how to best support you along the way. As your doula I work to get to know you on a deeper level and together with the birth plan I support the team that joins us at your chosen place of birth to support you best. 232737E8 C6F0 456E 83AC 3C09ED74A447 1 105 c

This helps when we do need to make choices that are outside our comfort zone, it gives us a base to launch from in making confident decisions.

 Mostly a doula is there to stay calm in the chaos of birth, allowing you and your partner to connect throughout so that you are both grounded throughout the birth your your child.

A doula is always an added benefit, and extra set up hands in the room, but should never be a burden or add to the stress of the room. You will find that we are all different, and that is wonderful, because so are you! There is a doula for everyone, but thank the Lord, it isn’t always me.