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The Bane of Daylight Saving time

The Bane of Daylight Saving time

Daylight Saving Time is upon us again. I know that you have all seen my blog from a few months ago when we were able to take a break from this wretched thing.  But I wanted to pop in here and give a few quick tips to help you and your children prepare for the hour of difference in bedtime.


1. Over the next 10 days move bedtime and nap time out by 5 minutes or more each day. Some kiddos have a rough time adjusting to the new bedtime, so moving it incrementally will be helpful to them and you. If bedtime is normally 7:30, start tomorrow making it 7:35, and so on each night.

2. Give yourself some grace. It is Ok if you forget! I preach on this EVERY year... and I am the worst at remembering to do it.

3. Having a good bedtime routine will help so much. Keep that routine, just adjust when you start.

Sleeping and routines are hard to keep up when the kids wake up at 5 am thinking that it is 6.