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The Greenes. Right to left: Naomi, Jessica, Bruce and Stuart.

The Kooshlie Care Team

Family investment is very important when you are self-employed. They can make or break a success story. In this post, I want to share my family with you and what they bring to the table. They actually play a HUGE part in my success as a self-employed doula.

Providing birth support to other families needs to be done from a full cup… and my cup runs over.

Since they are a part of my support team, I want to introduce you to each of them.

Stuart, The Rock, the Balance, the Security.

Stuart, he is my love and my rock. During this year of COVID, he as had to step up even more than before when I get called away to a birth. He takes over the kids doing their school work. He is also checking on me when a birth turns into a long night. If I have been at a birth for a long time he always grabs an Uber over to the hospital to drive me home so that I am safe.
Engagement photo from 13 years ago.











Naomi, the Stoic Supporter.

Naomi, the stoic support. She loves participating with me during my Zoom classes. She joins me to demonstrate how to do the physical comfort measures. She may not look it on video, but she LOVES it. She also is old enough now that she steps in to help prepare meals.
Naomi, age 11.


















Bruce, the Encourager.

Bruce, the encourager. Bruce is always asking how my clients are doing and wants updates on the babies born. He loves hearing about the littles. The day after the most recent birth, he came over and hugged me and asked, “Well, did you get that baby born?”


















Support Matters

These three really help me when things can feel complicated, busy, or otherwise challenging. I could do it without them… but it would not be nearly as fun.