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Finding the Grace in the Middle Ground

These times that we find ourselves in are polarizing. From where I see it, everyone is divided and must take a side or find a way to keep our heads down to not get torn in two. I blame the media. The news doesn’t sell unless there is controversy, and nothing in the last few years comes anywhere close to being unbiased and 100% factual. There are always three sides to any story, the right, the left, and the middle. The middle is where grace abides. 


The Issue does not Matter.

 You can pick any topic, racial tensions, women rights, immigration, and if you truly reside in grace, you can allow yourself to see things from each side. You can see how each side of an argument demonizes the other. People prop themselves up on what they see as right or wrong, failing to remember that we are all human. Each person is going to make a different choice. It is not my job to teach you right from wrong as I see it… As a Christian ( a true Christ-follower) I believe it is my job to love you through each stage in life that we meet. I will not be ‘ judged’ by whom I converted to my way of thinking, I will be held to account for how I loved.  Finding the middle ground is not compromise, it is grace. We can do a better job of loving the people around us through everything that is happening in their life, when we actively choose grace.

Choose Grace

I hold a firm belief that I do not have to 100% agree with you, your lifestyle, your choices, what you wear, listen to or act, to deeply love you as a person. 

Step Out, and Step Up

Challenge yourself to step out of the preconceived notions you may have regarding the people around you. And open yourself up to finding the grace for them. 

As your doula, I love YOU… I am here to love you and support you- and extend the love that I have been given.

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