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Heading Into the Holiday Season

holiday funTraditions

Remember to take the time to enjoy the time you have with family, young and old. Honor old traditions and begin new ones. My mother has always been very gifted in crafting, creating and generally imagining things. On the first of December we would start a felted Christmas tree advent calendar. Each night a different devotional would be read and a new ornament would be added to the tree. It was always special, and we would have to take turns with who would be able to choose the placement each night. My grandmother taught me how to make orange bread and wassail, I look forward to making these each year.


decorationsMy kids look forward to me taking out the large red storage boxes after Thanksgiving each year, this is a signal that we are about to decorate the house. I will be honest, decorating is not my forte. I think this is why my kids love this so much, since we get to scatter holiday decorations around the house.

Take A Breath

Between work, holiday expectations and family obligations so much of our time these days is spent running to the next thing, kids around the treebarely catching your breath before having to be ready for the next thing. Remember it is ok to take the time to step back. As a new family, or a growing family, it is ok for you to honor your need to ‘check out’ for some alone time.

Make sure this season to give yourself a “self care holiday.” Fill your cup, that is the only way that you are able to keep pouring into the lives of the ones around you. Communicate with your partner and or close friend. Support each other as you step away from family obligations and motherhood, even if it is only for a few hours.

Enjoy The Season

Finding your joy in each day can be hard on some days, and easier on others. Tuck away the good ones to bring a chuckle in the tough days. Also remember to live in the moment. Don’t rely on you camera to preserve the memories, live in in them, be present; cherish the fleeting moments.

good time