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How Are You??

how are youEveryone is on a journey; how are you doing on yours?

Make sure that you take time every day for some self-care; even if all that consists of is sipping a cup of coffee in the kitchen before getting the kids up and ready for the day.


I saw a ‘hashtag’ online today that really made me think: #selfcareisnotselfish on the outset that can rub some people wrong, but if you really let that sink in. It is true. You cannot be the best you can be at your job, as a partner, as a parent or as a friend if you cannot take the time to care for yourself.

So, I encourage you, take some time, start small if you feel ‘too busy’ take 5 minutes of silence, take in a deep breath of fresh air in this wonderful place we live.. Put down the phone, turn off the music. Just. Be. You.

Breathe in… and out.

Be blessed, and know that you are loved!