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Keep it simple

Keep it Simple.

As mom’s we have to do this everyday without even acknowledging it most of the time. The moment we add a baby into the mix, simple things like grocery shopping become exponentially more complicated, not only are there more things to shop for, there are more things to bring with you to make sure that your trip is not wasted.

What are your go to solutions for ‘keeping it all together’?

I am going to share a few of mine:


1. ‘Out of Milk’ is great.
It allows you to create a virtual pantry, from there it will offer recipes based on what you have and what you need. This takes some time to build up the full pantry, but it is a cute idea for all us ‘B’ type people out there.
You can scan bar codes to add items to your shopping list.
It will link to various stores and organize your list based on where you shop.
You are also able to add reminders for coupons.

2. Key chain App.
In this you can scan and add all your discount and member cards. Such as CVS, or grocery cards. This app also pulls in all online sales a coupons based on the cards you have loaded.