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Lamaze Exam

Lamaze educatorThis past Thursday I took my Lamaze educators exam. To be honest, I was very concerned about taking this test. I don’t like to risk failing at things. Therefore, generally speaking I do not do things that I am not pretty sure that I will succeed at. The last few years I have really pushed myself through a few times when I wanted to give up. This has been a very good lesson and confidence builder for me.

I am currently heading into 2019 with my head held high and great plans for the future. There are so many things that I have in the works and under development for this year.

I am building a faith-based childbirth education curriculum, which I am hoping to launch in Haywood county as well as venturing into Ashe and Watauga County. I am also working on a research article for serving people who are on the autistic spectrum.


Be watching for my new brochures, they will be showing up around here, and out in the surrounding areas. If you have any friends to refer for doula work, or education I am ever thankful for the leads and opportunities.