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Sometimes it can feel so overwhelming. As a mother, wife and individual it is hard to balance it all. We have so many strings and paths pulling at us; it can truly bring us down. How can we get through, what is the anchor that holds us through life’s weary storms? For each it is different, as for me I will share my top three.

1. Faith. Faith in God almighty that He has not forgotten me, that he knows every moment of my life, every jot and tittle. I truly believe that my name is written on His hands and He loves me, as I am. That no matter where I find myself through whatever bad or good choice I have made… My God LOVES me, and he is here for the long haul.
2. Community. It truly does take a community to raise a child, I honestly do not know where I would be as a full time working mom in America today if not for the community of friends and family that has helped me. Helped me with childcare, provided a shoulder to cry on and example of how a family works. And people to just RELAX with. Being able to unplug with no pretense is so important.
3. Communication. This is a hard one for me. Communication is not my strong suit. Learning to be fully honest with my husband on where I am at and what I need has allowed me to share my burden with him. It has also allowed me to ‘allow’ myself to not carry it all. We all know our limits… but unless we are able and willing to tell the people who love and support us what those are, we cannot hold them accountable for letting us down in our time of need… COMMUNICATION is imperative to a strong marriage, friendship and individual.
This is the scariest one of all, (at least it was for me). Being able to properly articulate our needs, boundaries and wants really frees up our emotions, our hearts and our spirits to receive help.

Be honest, it is important, remember your partner, is invested in you, your community is invested in you and God is invested in you… In your success, in your peace and in your joy.

Receive it.