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Massage and Pregnancy

pregnancy massageI have always known on some level that a massage is relaxing, and therapeutic on some level. Until I got into birth work, I don’t believe that I really understood the extent of that.

The extra training and knowledge that goes with a massage therapist that works on pregnant woman is a lot; but it is such a gift. Having a massage while pregnant can not only alleviate some basic aches and pains that are part of the transformation into motherhood, but can also help in so many other ways.


Other potential benefits of prenatal massage:

I have worked with many woman who have used massage to assist them in successfully avoiding an induction.

Here in Asheville I have worked very closely with Chelsea Gomes owner of Blossom N’ Roots. I am always thankful to Chelsea’s flexibility in fitting in my clients who are often ‘up against a clock’ as it were, or are simply uncomfortable and need some help settling down into their bodies.

Chelsea is not only a body worker in the area, but also a doula. So she is very familiar with the needs, concerns and constraints of pregnant woman. She can work with you in the postpartum time and will come to your house to give you a healing restorative massage in the comfort of your own home.  All you need to provide are other arms to hold your baby.

Please check her out, her website is linked above and you can also find her on facebook.

If you have used her, head on over to her facebook page and give her a review!

You can check out what the American Pregnancy Associate says about this topic here.