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Mother's Day

mothers dayWhat are you doing for Mother’s Day?

As mom’s it can be easy to get caught up in the business of mothers day, (thanks Hallmark). Remember to truly value yourself. Our self-worth cannot simply be left to the duty of others to show us. Don’t get me wrong, I love a sappy card (Ok for me it is more about the sappy hand-made gifts from the kids) and a bouquet of flowers as much as anyone. Putting the responsibility of your self-worth on someone else is a pretty hefty burden to bare.


Value Your Self

What will you do, in this age of Wonder Woman, to stand tall and be your own person?  Don’t be afraid to step outside the norm.  I don’t want to sit through a fancy dinner where I have to constantly tell my kids to calm down, nor do I want to clean up a homemade meal.  Even if I don’t have to cook and clean, that still takes away quality time that I would love to spend with the family that MAKES me a mom. Think about it, how do you value yourself? What recharges your batteries? How are you going to get through the next 364 days until the world stops to be thankful for all you do?

Motherhood Has Many Forms

Motherhood is a title that woman all around the world carry, whether they have borne children in their wombs or in their hearts. We are what makes the world go ’round. Honor the mother in your life with more than a sappy card that you simply sign, or a meal that is stressful.  What is her love language, what is your love language.  COMMUNICATE with one another and enjoy the life that you have because of the mothers in your life.

Change Your Perspective

How could the world you live in be different if we all placed value and significance on each other each day?  Think smaller… I am not talking about the whole world, or the country you hail from, or the state you live in. I am talking about YOUR world. How you show your thankfulness to the mothers who made you, the mother you are, and the mothers that you are bringing up.

Happy Mother’s Day

Be strong, believe in yourself, be different and think deeper.

I love you all, and I appreciate all the motherhood journeys that I have been privileged to step into.  Remember, don’t compare yourself with how your friends mother, how your mother mothered… Mother the way you are, because YOU. ARE. WORTH. EVERYTHING.