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Plan’s have changed, now we are having a Cesarean Birth…

Plan’s have changed, now we are having a Cesarean Birth…

What happens if we end up in a C-section?

Did you know that you can have your partner plus a support person (Doula) in the OR?

As a doula I have attended both planned and unexpected Cesarean births. A multitude of things landed each family in an operating room instead of a Labor and delivery room. With each trip there were new things to take into account in planning and prepping with each client. Some times we have had more time than others to get our brains into gear for a ‘mechanical’ birth, rather than a vaginal ‘natural’ birth.


masked upDepending on the situation and the needs of the family, (and the wishes of the Dr) I can stay with mom through out prep, or wait in the hall with dad until it is time for him to be brought in. I stay right with the family unit taking pictures if requested, explaining and normalizing everything that is happening. I am able to provide support to the mom while dad provides support to the new baby as they are taken to the warmer to be checked out.

During a cesarean birth, it takes about 2-3 times as long to put mom ‘back together’ as it does to actually deliver the baby. If everyone is A-OK, the staff will usually get baby skin to skin with mom right away, sometimes mom and dad will need help holding the baby.

I stay with mom throughout the whole process, which allows her partner to remain with the baby. If desired I can record some special moments.

Once the family has been moved into the PACU; I remain with you to assist in breast-feeding. Once I feel you are all settled as a family I make an exit and follow-up once you are home. This time frame looks different for each visit, I have stayed with a family until they were settled on the mother-baby floor, and others I left a little before they were released from the PACU.

A cesarean birth does not mean you don’t need or cannot have a doula. We can be even more valuable there to assist in normalizing everything that is going on around and creating a calm and comfortable place in the midst of what could be a very scary place.

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