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Postpartum Thoughts

after being bornPostpartum Follow Ups

Today I was able to visit two families whom I supported just a few days ago during their birth journey. Each journey was different and unique. If you boil it down to just the high lights, they were identical, both families went home with healthy little girls.


Part of the Doula Support

In doula work, I get the honored opportunity to delve deeper, to look past the general population statistics and to really get to know wonderful people. Each father, mother, and child has such a rich story to tell. I am always honored and energized when I get to witness a milestone in a family.

A Witness to the Transformation

To the Mothers: “Your birth may not have gone the way you planned, you may have had to make some choices you didn’t want to. Looking back you may feel you reached your limit sooner than you thought you would. What did I see? I saw a powerful woman reaching deep within herself, going farther and experiencing more than you ever dreamed. I witnessed you acknowledge your need for help and for the support to rush in to be by your side.  Never be ashamed that you asked for help, never be ashamed of the past. You are a wonderful mom, every choice you make in the future you will want to second guess, trust your gut and intuition.

To the Fathers: Your support throughout this journey cannot be matched or replaced. Whatever level of comfort you are able to give is enough. The confidence you provide will impact this child’s life forever. When someone believes in you; you can do amazing things. Believe in the natural power created in the human body, and be there to support and celebrate through all of life’s up and downs.

To the babies: Never forget to ask about the story of your life… it is one that your parents will not tire of telling.

Much love to all of my families, thank-you for inviting me into your stories for a short time. I will always cherish the memories.