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baby passageA Few Weeks To Breathe

I have been preparing for this lull for a few weeks now. It is hard to plan for it in any way shape or form.  Just as with a restaurant the slow times are the hardest. How to fill your time productively, and how to slow down without loosing your momentum. It is a fine balance.

Keeping routines for me has never been easy, so I was actually dreading the change that came with my son finishing preschool.  Now I need to be in more control of the time that I spend each day, and be more intentional with each moment… If they are waisted now it is on me, and me alone. We have revisited the faithful Nozbe list (You can view the blog about this here: Home Organization 101), changed a few things, and buckled up for reworking the new normal.

Photo: I created a ‘baby’ out of a pipe cleaner that would work to show position and passage through the pelvis.


Preparing for Professionalism

One project that I have on my table this spring and summer is to be more professional when I go out. My go to outfit is jeans and a T-shirt. I really didn’t and still don’t have much in the business casual wardrobe. So I got together with a dear friend who loves to shop, she will challenge me, and be honest about stuff. Together we go pieces to mix and match and fresh makeup for me to play with.  When I am going out I am trying to not look the part of a frazzled mom, but a put together business owner.  To be 100% honest I am also working on not looking like I am out for glamor shots also.  It is a work in progress.

Carving Out Time

Setting goals is important, personal and professional. Those have to be set in order of importance. It is my goal that by the time that I am 36 years old I can say that I am a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Instructor. The test is in the fall, so each day I am dedicating time to study and prepare so that I am ready for the test. I just finished teaching my first Childbirth series. It was a great learning experience. I look forward to the day that I can teach in my own classroom, and have all the things.  These early years of starting out really ‘nickel and dime’ you as you run into things that you need to purchase for this and that.  Teaching was empowering for me (and I hope for my students as well).

I am also hoping to be more intentional with my personal goals. Back in the day I could climb nearly any rock face I decided to tackle, I could hike and work all day. Granted, that was 10 years ago. Before 2 kids. However, doing those things, running, rock climbing, hiking, they fill my cup. The mental challenge of climbing drains the stress from my mind, the physical challenge of running and hiking rejuvenate my body. I am currently working through a couch to 5k program, and will be working with the kids also, since they both want to run the Super-hero 5k in September. There are days that I have to convince myself to go to the gym to work out. Once I really start feeling and seeing the difference that will be easier, however right now… It is a choice that I struggle to make.

Even Still

Regardless of whether I am busy or slow, I know that I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I am called and created to do. Every moment and ever interaction is becoming intentional, I am pouring into each moment all that I can. Everyday is bringing a new way for me to invest, support and connect with the people around me.

I am thankful for my opportunities each day, and strive to make each moment matter.