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My daughter after a long day.

Surviving Daylight Saving Time

‘Springing forward’ is (in my opinion) way harder to adjust to then ‘falling back’ when DST ends in the fall.

Daylight Saving Time begins again this Sunday, March 10th. For many parents with children whom need a strict schedule it can be awful. I would suggest over the next week, start keeping your little ones up a little longer each night, until you have reached Saturday when you officially turn the clocks forward by 60 Minutes.

hubby and sonNap times too!

This would apply for nap times as well- their whole day will be shifted on Sunday morning, ready or not. Proactive parenting makes coping with the adjustment period easier. Some people plan four days out changing their schedule by 15 minutes each day- naps and everything.

The Myth of DST

Contrary to many strongly held beliefs, DST was not petitioned for by farmers. A true farmer will tell you that milking, feeding and growing are not at all effected by us fiddling with the hands of the clock. Here is a little history on Daylight Saving Time you can read my article from the fall when DST ends.

Below, a photo of a happy and rested Naomi.

rested Naomi