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The blessing of working from Home

Working from home, Blessing, or curse?

I realized the other day that as of August first 2022 I have been a fully work from home self employed Mama. It has been so wonderful in so many ways for me, but also SO challenging. I adore my kids, but it is very hard to actually work and manage kids as well as balance the household.  There is SO MUCH TO DO. I have the utmost respect for you all out there doing this. 

For anyone that knows me personally, organization is not my middle name... my middle name is more like chaos. Get me focused on a goal I am pretty good at staying on task and getting it done... But if you need me to keep up with multiple avenues of focus, I fail pretty hard. The edges of each focus kind of go 'blurry.' Meaning I get it done, but maybe not up to my potential. 


She's a 10, but has no organizational skills

My husband is a list maker, he loves the NOZBE app for projects and to do's. I am TRYING to use it. But I have a hard time rememberin to go back to that app and check off each thing. I seem to need to write out a to-do list each day, fresh and by hand. To be brutally honest, there are day's that I just can't seem to make that happen. At the end of each new week I have to look back at my work for the week and see how I have done with time management, as well as task completion. I don't like to turn in poor work, but there are times that I feel like I get paralyzed trying to make a choice on what task to focus on.  

If you are like me, I want you to know that it is OKAY to ask for help. Lean on your partner and friends who are in life with you. We can each help each other grow, through example, and grace. Being honest with ourselve we will know that no one is 100% amazing at everything.


Those of you who are balancing this work from home thing, do you have some tips for someone who is absolutley not an A type personality?  Below you will see some thoughts I have on a more emotional level of this process.

Friend or Foe?

I firmly believe that God puts people in our lives to enrich and help us grow. It can be challenging with some personalities, (we love some of these people and others I am sure we think of as a thorn in our side). No matter which it is, look for how you can learn from and grow with each interaction. 

If I were to sit here and list all of the people who have helped me grow and succeed as an adult I for one know I would miss some one, and if I am being honest that list would include people who I don't love. But, I can learn and grow from either! Sometimes we need salt, sometimes we need sugar.

The Trick is YOU choose

You may not get to always choose who you are in a work relationship with, go to church with, or the cashier at the store, but you do get to decide what you take away from the interation. How can you better yourself today? For me, it is committing to better balance my time. I have to take not from friends, other professionals, and my husband to learn how to better balance my time and be the BEST boss I could ever want.  What is that best balance of work, life, fun, and get it done? When do I work best, how to I also place a value on myself, my health, and my mental state? None of us can be at our best if these things are over looked.


I have noticed a trend in our society, we are pretty much all on one extreme or the other. No concern for ourselves, or too much to the detriment of our work or families.  Do you see a place that you can be honest and say where you fall in that? What can you do to make a change for more of the middle?

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Let me know what you think, and if you have anything to share! I love to learn, and try new things.