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The Piggy Back Rider Review

piggy back riderI would like to take a few minutes to highlight another company that I have worked with and admired for some time now. The PiggyBack Rider.

Planning A Vacation

Last year I was planning a major vacation. We would be doing a road trip and be seeing sites like Mesa Verde, Yellowstone, and the Grand Teton to name a few. I knew there would be hiking, and I also knew that my then 4-year-old would have a hard time keeping up on the trails. Especially at Mesa Verde where I was hoping and planning to climb to the cliff dwellings and see the ruins.

While poking around on the internet to see what options were out there, (he had grown out of all of my other carriers), the Mya Sling, the Ergo and a plethora of other backpack type carry systems. I found the PiggyBack Rider website.

I had seen it around before and had always wanted to get one. They were doing a drawing on Facebook. I put my name in the hat, and low and behold I won! It was a great day, I was so excited. They even expedited the shipping so that I would hopefully get it before we left on vacation.

Excellent Customer Service Support

Before I fully delve into the product itself I just want to say that the customer service that they offer is outstanding; any time that I have reached out with a question or a need, they are quick to respond and troubleshoot.

little riderThe basic backpack carrier is a shoulder harness for the adult, ( like a backpack), a harness for the kids with clips to strap on to the adult harness, and a bar for the kiddos to stand on. They range up from there, with bottle straps, small backpacks for the kids to carry their snacks and hip strap for added support and stability for the adult harness.

The Middle Ground of Independence and Needing

As parents we have all been there, that middle ground between them being ready to tackle a decent hike, or the mall and getting tired… OR a parade where they can’t see unless you lift them up. This solves those issues! It is so easy to use, that they can walk as long as they can, or you want them too, while also allowing you to hold them and carry them while leaving your arms free. When set correctly (keeping the bar lower than you think initially I know you usually want to set the bar high… sorry I couldn’t resist.) this set up allows you to carry your child easily over varied terrain.

The Piggy Back Rider

This is a handy and lightweight option. The carrier is stored in a small bag that can be kept in the trunk of your car. In the bag, it is about the size of a 2-liter bottle, and less than two pounds.

It is a great option for any family outing, a hike, a theme park, a concert or a parade. You name it and it can come in handy. Head over to the Piggy Back Rider website and check out their stuff!

I was very sad when my son hit a growth spurt and got tall enough very quickly that it was no longer comfortable to carry Mr. long legs like this. But I have passed on my gift to a friend, I am hoping that it gets many years of love.

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