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Threshold Moments

I have been a mother now for nearly 12 years. Fast approaching is the next threshold moment for myself, and once again my firstborn, the arrival of the feminine cycle. The last few months I have been thinking about how to prepare her and myself for the day that she steps through that moment in time, forever changing from a child to a woman.


 Let us take a moment and think back together, what did that moment, day, week change for you? As a woman looking back, what would you do differently if you had your older self stepping back in time?

 My goal is to keep the line of communication open, there is nothing that she isn’t allowed to ask about or discuss. But I also want her to be more prepared and ready. 

Here is where I have started: We went shopping, alone, no dad, no brother. We stood in the feminine products aisle and discussed the options. What I use, what I don’t and why.  We picked what felt like the most appropriate supplies for her, and came home. Then we put together a readiness kit for her purse. In the ziplock bag, there is one of the pads, an extra pair of underwear, this way if she needs to change her underwear she has a place to put it to bring it home.96058F45 1752 4544 9615 E7727471274E 1 105 c

She is ready, now I just pray that I am. Ready for the Teen angst and boredom, the ‘MOOOOOOMMM’ moments, and everything in-between.

E1D779AC 5732 4ED3 BD2A 3CBB541F925C 1 105 cAre you ready to cross over your next threshold? What is it, and what are things that you can do to be more prepared.