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Traveling with Kids

traveling with kidsGet the traveling with kids 4-1-1 right here.

We have been traveling with our kids since Naomi was just over a year, she is now 8… When I say traveling I mean trips greater than 4 hours. Living in Western North Carolina drive time is part of life. You may live 15 to 20 miles from point A to point B. Due to the winding curvy roads that could take you an hour to drive. “You can’t get there from here.”


Depending on the age of the kid that you are traveling with, plan on making them cozy while they sleep. Being strapped in with a 5 point harness will usually put you to sleep at some point. Make sure you have a stuffed animal that can be snuggled around to prop a head up here or there.

sleeping kidsI am a fan of no screens for kids. I make an exception for traveling long distances; that being said buy some headphones for the kids. This way you don’t have to listen to the Octonots or Backyardigains, and you can have *gasp* adult conversation. The miles you can make while your kid is engrossed with their own personal show is invaluable.

Allow yourself extra time to get there. At every stop it will be important to let your kids get out and stretch. Turn those interstate rest stops into family fun time. Get out and run around, play tag, or do yoga. Have fun don’t be in too big of a rush to get back in the car.

Have a box that fits under their feet of toys, books to read and coloring books. I recommend the twisty colored pencil- it can be washed out easily and doesn’t melt in the heat. Rotate the time on the tablets for the items in the box to keep it interesting.

travel booksTraveling short or long distance’s can be done with young and older kids. But remember, it will take time for everyone to get use to the idea and the plan. It can make you feel rushed, or overwhelmed at the time it will take to get from point A to point B. Don’t give up; traveling is some of the best time we have spent as a family.

My mom made the kids some books themed for our road trip with some educational information and pages to fill in.