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Welcome new friends and family

My name is Jessica.

Pregnancy, labor and birth are beautiful. None is exactly like the other. I love the challenge of supporting women through their own special journey’s.

what can a doula doMy training through DONA International had equipped me to be calm under pressure, and to have an even greater love of each moment.

As a birth doula, my goal is to help you navigate your experience and to help you remember that you are strong, and that you can make it through.

My journey into Doula work began over 17 years ago with the birth of my youngest brother. I have been an active Doula in the Asheville area since 2014.

After training I launched Kooshlie Care Doula Service. I derived the name of my business from my Norwegian heritage. In Norway the word ‘Koslig’ (Koos -lei) means cozy or comfortable, I began using the term as my theme since traveling to Norway in 2001.The proper spelling was taken, so then came the miss-spelled and similar ‘Kooshlie.’ (Koosh Lee)

I bring to the table joy, confidence and peace. I strive with each family to find what is soothing to them, and help to make that happen.

Kooshlie is one of my personal favorite words. I have used this as a personal description for years. It is absolutely my desire to make people cozy while in my presence.