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What Are Your Summer Plans

Easter outfitsI have been thinking this week regarding our plans for Summer.

My goals this year are to do better about providing unplugged activities for my kids. It is very easy in today’s world to get distracted and simply let the electronic’s babysit while the adults also get things done.

Last year I felt really great about the intentional time that I was able to spend with my kids, you can read about some of our excursions in my blog about traveling with kids, and family time. 



Summer Plans

Naomi will be 9 this summer, Bruce will be 5. The vast difference in ability and interest is not insurmountable.  It will just take some creativity. I have looked into getting a subscription to a STEM (STEM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) for Naomi. She is very interested in Science and Building. I want to continue to encourage this for her. We love watching ‘battle bots’ and Mythbusters, (RIP original) outrageous acts of science, and a bunch of random survival shows.   This summer I am hoping to take it outside so much more than last; with themed weeks, like ‘survival camp,’ trips to the local science museum, and scavenger hunts on local hikes.

Back to STEM Boxes

I have looked through several list of the ‘top rated subscription boxes for Kids and STEM.’  I will build on her desire to build her own robot first. Therefore I will likely order the starter box from Thimble. In your first box you build a small robot and learn to code the movements in an accompanying app.

including little man in some prep workCooking

Naomi has been branching out and getting braver in her kitchen skills, I have also been getting braver in letting her do her thing in the kitchen.  Over the next few months I will expand on letting her try new tasks. I know that when I was her age I was doing a decent amount of cooking with my mom and on my own. I have not done a good job at this simply out of its easier to do it myself mentality.  But that doesn’t serve her well in preparing her for independence.

For Bruce I will be working through the packet given to us at kindergarten registration and figuring out ways to integrate some preparation learning into our screen free summer plans.

What are you going to do? Would you like to join us in our adventures?