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What Makes You Comfortable

As I was sitting at church listening to my pastor speak I began thinking about the word comfortable… Comfort is always foremost in my mind; not in the lazy, or safe zone since, more along the lines of if things are balanced no matter if we are seeing challenged we should be able to personally be at peace wherever that finds us.
My business name is based (loosely, do to the correct spelling was already taken) on the Norwegian word Kooslig, which means cozy or comfortable. The idea is even in a place of great challenge, pain and unknowns there can be comfort.
I took some time to see if I could come up with what comfortable should look like in our everyday walk.


C ~ Continuing life. Don’t let your world stop because something changed… If you are still breathing, there is still work to be done.
O ~ Own your short comings. You and I, we can’t do everything, we cannot be for everyone. That is why we are a drawn to community. We need the strengths of others to support us where we cannot.
M ~ Move on. Similar to the above, be willing to move past what you cannot do. Don’t let what you cannot do hinder you from doing what you can.
F ~ Faith. Believe it or not, we all have faith in something. Make sure that your faith is in something that is grounded and solid.
O ~ Opportunities. Keep your eyes open, they are all around.
R ~ Reach. Stretch yourself and try new things, jump on the opportunities that come your way, you don’t have to say ‘YES’ to all of them, consider your options.
T ~ Teachable. It is important to be willing to grow, growing requires learning.
A ~ Accept change. It happens, like so many things in this life, there is nothing that we can do about it.
B ~ Belief. Belief in yourself, belief in God and belief in your community of support.
L ~ Loving leadership. Lead your family with loving kindness, this encourages peace and stability.
E ~ Encourage. Become an encourager, it breathes life into those around you, and in return into yourself.

Take a moment to look at your life, are you truly comfortable? Lets tackle one letter at a time, together this can be done.