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Why Conversations

Why Conversations

Why I love ‘Why Conversations’

But Why?

As a parent, teacher or caregiver I am sure you have heard ‘WHY?’ More times than you care to count. I want us to leave behind out ‘decisive why’s’ and move forward with conversation starting why’s.

Why should we as why? ‘Why conversations’ in my personal faith have lead to stronger beliefs and understanding of the scripture and how it applies to me. In just the same way ‘why conversations’ with your provider can guide you in your joint decision making, team building and plan of care during your pregnancy and into the ‘rest of your life.’


Communication and Team Building

This builds on the communication and trust in your relationship that you have with your care-provider. It allows you to fully understand where they are coming from, and how it applies to your particular circumstance.

In each of my classes we discuss using our *B.R.A.I.N.S. when making choices regarding our care. (See the full acronym below) The ‘A’ reminds us to find out what Alternatives are available, knowing what options you have and discussing with your care provider why they are recommending one over the other can assist you with your decision making. 

The Why Behind The What

Understanding the why behind the what can help you in the process of taking action. Care providers don’t just spin a wheel to decide what they are recommending for you. They have reasons, and to prevent a ‘us against them’ environment which holds a lot of stress and tension, remember to ask ‘why’?

Building Trust and Companionship

Usually a relationship with a mom to be and her care provider of choice is a long-term relationship. I don’t personally doctor hop. Once I am established I stick with it, because over time we get to know each other and can make better recommendations and choices as that relationship is built.  That relationship is a two way street, but it is up to us to open the why conversation and be ready to listen and really hear what is being said. 

Respect Garners Respect

Be confident, be kind, and be open. This idea that you have to do what is said by your doctor ‘just because’ is equally as silly as the ‘I’ll do it myself and use the medical staff as a safety net.’ Build bridges not walls with your why questions. You have chosen your care provider for a reason, trust that intuition and build on that relationship.

*Here is what the B.R.A.I.N.S acronym stands for:

B.  Benefits 

R. Risks

A. Alternatives 

I. Intuition 

N. No/Not Yet 

S. Second Opinion