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A current trend in the way today’s clients gather information on pregnancy, labor, and birth through social media. Their reliance for information regarding what they will ultimately choose or feel about their relationship with their care provider, and the place that they will give birth. When we are solely relying on social media, and opinions of others we hold their hurt, trauma and disappointment as part of our story. Over the last few years I have watched this become more and more a defeating cycle. When you go looking for hurt, you will feel it. 

Daylight Saving Time is upon us again. I know that you have all seen my blog from a few months ago when we were able to take a break from this wretched thing.  But I wanted to pop in here and give a few quick tips to help you and your children prepare for the hour of difference in bedtime.

Learning from a look back??

Just hopping on to my blog to put together some kind of update on the future of Kooshlie Care Doula Services. A Little look to the past at last year, and the hopes for the current year.

Last year was a lot, we thought we were coming out of a global pandemic, hoping for a ‘normal-ish’ school year, we did some summer travel, and tried to keep our heads above water. The whole family came down with COVID at Thanksgiving, and we were thankful… for a few weeks when we learned that you can still get it again, so it feels like this will never be over, we are in the tumble dry setting and stuck.

Maybe, Maybe not!

 It can be very easy to get stuck on the negative, especially when we look back. Anytime we get introspective and do a deep dive into your past choices we tend to gravitate towards the shoulda, coulda, and wouldas.  I think we need to acknowledge all of those things, but then shift our focus to the did, done, and amazed-by.

So, in those lines, here is my quick look back on the shoulda, coulda, and woulda’s, as well as the Did’s, the Dones, and The Amazed-by.

Shoulda, coulda, and woulda’s

In 2021, there are SO many things that I wish I had done. I should have taken the opportunity of having my kids home more to really enjoy them. Instead, I had focused on what I couldn’t get done with them at school, as well as focused on what they were missing by not being IN-School. I think missing out on our kids is something that all parents get caught up in. There is guilt on both sides of this argument. 

 I could have blocked off more time for myself and learned better structure with my home-work life. I could have done a lot better with my time management. I could have taken the time to get into better shape, I could have done a lot more with the time that I was given.

If I had done my should haves and could haves, then I would have been healthier, had a different relationship with my kids, be more organized with my business. 

This kind of looking back does not motivate me to do differently, it only moves me to be harsh with myself, and leads me to depression and more of the same tumble cycle of life.

The ‘Did's,’ the ‘Done’s’, and the ‘Amazed By’

I will say when I list out the things that I did in 2021, some of you will roll your eyes, and some of you might be a little surprised. 

Here are my ‘did’s’ in no particular order: I went on a two-week road trip with my family in our RV, moved into a new home, got a puppy, power walked a 10k, when off-roading in our 4Runner, enjoyed one of the best 4th of July celebrations I have ever been a part of, supported 50 families grow by a person or two, and started walking with my husband every night. 

Y’all, that is a lot of things that I did last year. My Done’s are basically the same list, but that is because all of that deserves some time to savor the wins. 

I have grown in so many ways, looking back with the positive glasses on has me amazed by the resiliency of our children to learn, grow and build friends in this current life of masking. Our bodies for healing, growing, and protecting us. I am amazed at the people who have come into my life at JUST the right time to be the support or the added joy that God just KNEW that I needed at that moment.

I am SO thankful for everyone that I ‘did life’ with last year and so grateful to everyone that I am still stepping alongside each day for 2022.

 We are not created to be solitary people, we are designed and created to live in community with each other and with our Creator. 

New Year, New Perspective

 This year is not going to be about the things I did not get done last year, it is not going to be about how I am going to be stronger, better, faster. It is going to be about the slowing down, about the savoring of life, about the investment into deepening my relationships, challenging myself to be better, as well as lifting others around me to be better. 


Take a moment with yourself, be it 5 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day, how do you feel about your 2021 and where does that start you for 2022? How will you savor each moment, how will you invest your time and your heart?

We don’t always have to do big things, we just have to do the things. Something as seemingly small as making the bed, going on a walk, or taking the time to read our Bible and pray can be life changing by the time the year is over.

Elora Lyons

As a doula, one of the ways I assist clients is to help them sort through the information and recommendations that are made by friends, family, your care providers, and even the random person from the grocery store. I help them understand why something is recommended and how it applies to them, versus just blindly refusing or accepting everything that is recommended. 

One of the most frequent questions I receive is, “Why do I need ANOTHER Tdap vaccine?”