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COVID-19 What a year, right?!

When everything was shut down a year ago, and I was not allowed to enter the hospital to support my clients, my heart broke. I did my best to pivot to virtual support. Virtual support is better than nothing, but it is not the same. I started saying 'Doulas are more than our physical support.' This is a true statement, but I knew in my heart a virtual doula is not the same as an in-person doula.  Over the weeks and months I kept the lines of communication open with the team at the hospital, I shared statements from ACOG, and DONA regarding 'Doulas are essential.' I was SO relieved when through the hard work of several folks here in the Asheville area our local hospital opened the doors back to doulas support in birth. 

This was outstanding, now I could support clients at Mission, and at WNC Birth Center. ( The birth center never stopped letting doula's come, they just pivoted on what they required we do during the support).  During the fall it came to light that Advent was still not allowing a doula to come with a laboring couple. So I reached out with letters and phone calls and help to partner and create a policy that would allow our support back in their hospital. 

Two weeks ago, I learned that Haywood Regional was still teetering on the idea of doulas returning to work in person with laboring clients in the hospital. I was blessed to have a meeting with the director of women's care services at Haywood regional and we discussed the return of doula's to the hospital, along with many other ideas for local community support.

It always blesses me to have conversations with people and come to a workable situation for a mutual goal. It is a win-win.

 It feels great to know that I am getting back to work EVERYWHERE.  

Have great support anywhere you give birth.

I now confidently say that I can provide inperson doula support at the following hospitals:  Mission Health, WNC Birth Center, Advent Health, Haywood Regional, and Harris Regional.


Family investment is very important when you are self-employed. They can make or break a success story. In this post, I want to share my family with you and what they bring to the table. They actually play a HUGE part in my success as a self-employed doula.

Providing birth support to other families needs to be done from a full cup… and my cup runs over.

Since they are a part of my support team, I want to introduce you to each of them.

Why I love ‘Why Conversations’

But Why?

As a parent, teacher or caregiver I am sure you have heard ‘WHY?’ More times than you care to count. I want us to leave behind out ‘decisive why’s’ and move forward with conversation starting why’s.

Why should we as why? ‘Why conversations’ in my personal faith have lead to stronger beliefs and understanding of the scripture and how it applies to me. In just the same way ‘why conversations’ with your provider can guide you in your joint decision making, team building and plan of care during your pregnancy and into the ‘rest of your life.’

Do New Year’s resolutions ever feel like an ultimatum to you? Do you dread trying to live up to the ‘hoped for’? You are not alone. Lately each year new has brought with it a sense of.. duty, obligation… a bar that I cannot reach. How do I make significant changes to be a new person this coming year? How do I even begin changing who I am?

Maybe I am over thinking this. Because each January first I am literally a year older than I was the day before. But, sit with me for a moment. The effort to evolve, and to change who you were, seems like a heavy burden. I am all for change, I am all for growing. I think the standards by which we measure ourselves can often times be a stumbling block to tru lasting change.