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Why I love ‘Why Conversations’

But Why?

As a parent, teacher or caregiver I am sure you have heard ‘WHY?’ More times than you care to count. I want us to leave behind out ‘decisive why’s’ and move forward with conversation starting why’s.

Why should we as why? ‘Why conversations’ in my personal faith have lead to stronger beliefs and understanding of the scripture and how it applies to me. In just the same way ‘why conversations’ with your provider can guide you in your joint decision making, team building and plan of care during your pregnancy and into the ‘rest of your life.’

Do New Year’s resolutions ever feel like an ultimatum to you? Do you dread trying to live up to the ‘hoped for’? You are not alone. Lately each year new has brought with it a sense of.. duty, obligation… a bar that I cannot reach. How do I make significant changes to be a new person this coming year? How do I even begin changing who I am?

Maybe I am over thinking this. Because each January first I am literally a year older than I was the day before. But, sit with me for a moment. The effort to evolve, and to change who you were, seems like a heavy burden. I am all for change, I am all for growing. I think the standards by which we measure ourselves can often times be a stumbling block to tru lasting change.

To Hospital Administrator

My name is Jessica Greene and I am the owner of Kooshlie Care Doula Services in Asheville, NC. I am a DONA certified birth and postpartum doula, a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and have been serving clients in WNC for the past six years.

During the latest round of childbirth classes, it has come to my attention that doulas are still not able to physically attend with their clients when birthing at Advent Health. This is concerning and a bit disheartening for me. I know that Advent Health has spent several years now working on their ‘Baby-friendly’ status and that you truly value the health, safety, and satisfaction of your families.

Eva's VBAC Story

Today's blog post is an inspiring birth story shared by a client from 2019. Sometimes it can take a while for you to put words to your birth journey and that is completely okay!

I want to thank Lindsey Coward with Yoga Nut Asheville for sharing her VBAC story with me. It was an honor to support her, and I am even more thrilled to be able to share her story to inspire other people.

"I carried my daughter for over 41 weeks and as the days drew nearer to her due date, I yearned for active labor.