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Kooshlie Autism AwarenessLast month I shared on Facebook my goals and dreams for writing an e-book and building a tool kit for families with autism who are expecting babies.

Finding Inspiration

Each family whom I work with inspires me and teaches me something new. Last year I had the honor of working with a client with autism. As I got to know her and her special skills, I also found the shocking lack of information regarding how to support her through pregnancy and birth.

Over the years serving families as a doula, this is the one topic that frequently trips people up. They are concerned about calling for a false alarm, or waking me up in the middle of the night, or calling me in too soon. I would like to touch on each one of these topics and alleviate some stress regarding when to call.

How do you know when to call your doula?

Let’s start at the beginning. When you hire me as your doula, I am a source of informational support for you and your partner from that point on. We will get together several times so that we build a relationship so that I am not merely a familiar face coming to the birthday party. I want my presence to feel like a supportive friend on delivery day.

Things are really picking up for me this year. For that, I am very grateful. Planning your year out knowing that you have regular work for the next 7 months is very comforting as a self-employed business owner. Staying organized and on top of everything is paramount to success.

Personal Commitments

It is very hard for me to take the time that I need for myself. I always struggle with feeling selfish, guilty or vain. However, I am learning when you are self-employed, you are literally the face of the business. So I need to make myself more important when I am planning my week out.

Trying to find the balance in all you do can be challenging to say the least. In the life of a mom, it doesn’t matter if you work out of the home, from the home or the laughable description of ‘not at all.’ Finding your balance is the key. Before we can find our balance, we have to find the things that we are holding. Identify them, and prioritize each of them.