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love to connectHello friends, I am adding a news-letter option for the Kooshlie Care Family. Please subscribe! My personal goals will be to send out a monthly email. I will not spam your inbox- but it will be a more intimate look into what is going on with me and my business. I would love to have you in my contact.

‘Springing forward’ is (in my opinion) way harder to adjust to then ‘falling back’ when DST ends in the fall.

Daylight Saving Time begins again this Sunday, March 10th. For many parents with children whom need a strict schedule it can be awful. I would suggest over the next week, start keeping your little ones up a little longer each night, until you have reached Saturday when you officially turn the clocks forward by 60 Minutes.

Thoughts about truly supporting our girls

Throughout our lives we have all had a plethora of different bras. Some made us look and feel amazing, but only for a moment. There is always that one that we really want to keep, even though we know that it hurts us. We have the extra bra that doesn’t fit right, but we keep it around, just in case our good ones are unavailable. Then we have the most valuable of them all, the old faithful…She has been here for years, always there, so very comfortable, albeit threadbare. You know we all have favorites. And bras have to be properly cared for; if you don’t, you will run out of the good ones and only have the sub-par ones left to give you support. (You see what I did there?)

logoIn this blog post you will learn my suggestions for what you should pack in your hospital bag.

My secret is that you need to pack two hospital bags!

What should I pack in my hospital bag? This is a common question that I get. Here is my perspective and the 411 for packing your hospital bag in preparation for labor and welcoming your new addition.