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lamaze educationI am currently studying to take my Lamaze Childbirth Educator exam in November. I have found that education is a major key to changing the current status and outcomes in America today regarding birth. If we are going to make change, it must begin on the consumer level. Consumer driven change it what has helped to turn the tide and change standard practice in OB care through the years. But there is still work to be done, and changes that need to be made.

The more that I learn about the Lamaze 6 healthy birth practice’s the more I believe in the power of education for the pregnant mom.

KooshlieI just applied for the Lamaze Educator exam in November!! I am very excited about this new venture! I will be offering the following options for classes:

Childbirth education:
I teach childbirth education, 
I can come to your home, host you 
in mine, or host a small group for a semi-private class.
Private in-home, 6-week class for 2 hours, customized to your needs and lifestyle.
Refresher class: One evening, 
2-hours reminding you of the process and the comfort measures and tools you have.
Semi-private group, 4 couples, 
6-weeks, one night a week.
Sibling Class, teaching sibling integration, how they can help 
and the process of birth in a 
G-rated class.

piggy back riderI would like to take a few minutes to highlight another company that I have worked with and admired for some time now. The PiggyBack Rider.

Planning A Vacation

Last year I was planning a major vacation. We would be doing a road trip and be seeing sites like Mesa Verde, Yellowstone, and the Grand Teton to name a few. I knew there would be hiking, and I also knew that my then 4-year-old would have a hard time keeping up on the trails. Especially at Mesa Verde where I was hoping and planning to climb to the cliff dwellings and see the ruins.

While poking around on the internet to see what options were out there, (he had grown out of all of my other carriers), the Mya Sling, the Ergo and a plethora of other backpack type carry systems. I found the PiggyBack Rider website.

pregnancy massageI have always known on some level that a massage is relaxing, and therapeutic on some level. Until I got into birth work, I don’t believe that I really understood the extent of that.

The extra training and knowledge that goes with a massage therapist that works on pregnant woman is a lot; but it is such a gift. Having a massage while pregnant can not only alleviate some basic aches and pains that are part of the transformation into motherhood, but can also help in so many other ways.