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fill your cupWorking through building on new things through the website and learning new things has me spinning around. Trying to maintain organization is important to continue my forward motion.
That is where self-care comes in.

after being bornPostpartum Follow Ups

Today I was able to visit two families whom I supported just a few days ago during their birth journey. Each journey was different and unique. If you boil it down to just the high lights, they were identical, both families went home with healthy little girls.

Hello friends!!

Things are changing and picking up here at Kooshlie Care Doula Services. Therefore we have updated the site. We are now more mobile friendly.

I am looking forward to meeting and serving new people this year, through education opportunities, doula work and building communities and friendships.

in the worksI have a lot of things in the works for this year, among them a new logo, and new class offerings. (You can check out the new logo above this text).

I am working on some rebranding and updating of my site as well as my offerings. I am proud of all of the support that I offer and I am loving all of the families that I have partnered with over these last few years. I am so blessed, each time I get an update from one of them.

I will be offering a group childbirth class series in Haywood County called “Knit-Together, a faith based childbirth class. This will be a 4 week class series that will be in May. More details to come later. Let your friends know!