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how are youEveryone is on a journey; how are you doing on yours?

Make sure that you take time every day for some self-care; even if all that consists of is sipping a cup of coffee in the kitchen before getting the kids up and ready for the day.

newborn babyAdding new credentials soon!

Next month I will be attending Lamaze Birth educator training here in Asheville. I am very excited about this next step in my journey as a birth professional.

I will be expanding my knowledge of pregnancy, labor and birth and will be working towards certification as a lamaze birth educator- I will be able to teach private classes and offer group classes!

Here is a link to the Lamaze website to learn more about what and why. I will keep you posted as I learn more!


To be continued!!

Here are my simple tips and tricks

Clipping my kids nails is probably one of my least favorite things about being a parent. I am afraid that I will cut the tips of their little fingers and I have… My kids never would sleep through a nail job; so we had to get creative. My crafty husband and I have found some ways that have mitigated the risks.

traveling with kidsGet the traveling with kids 4-1-1 right here.

We have been traveling with our kids since Naomi was just over a year, she is now 8… When I say traveling I mean trips greater than 4 hours. Living in Western North Carolina drive time is part of life. You may live 15 to 20 miles from point A to point B. Due to the winding curvy roads that could take you an hour to drive. “You can’t get there from here.”