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What happens if we end up in a C-section?

Did you know that you can have your partner plus a support person (Doula) in the OR?

As a doula I have attended both planned and unexpected Cesarean births. A multitude of things landed each family in an operating room instead of a Labor and delivery room. With each trip there were new things to take into account in planning and prepping with each client. Some times we have had more time than others to get our brains into gear for a ‘mechanical’ birth, rather than a vaginal ‘natural’ birth.

smile6 easy steps

Today the inevitable happened. My daughter managed to drop her gum into her hair. We were in the car on the way home and there was no way for me to do anything about it until we got back to the house. I asked her to be careful not to tangle more hair into the mess. I also reached out and ‘phoned a friend… Siri…

Siri was able to send me links to some information on what helps to remove the gum.

As it turns out peanut butter is not just a silly idea. The oils in the peanut butter coat the strands of hair and the other properties of the peanut break down the gum.

Facing FearsYou are stronger than you know.

In the days and hours leading up to birth many women experience an emotional roller coaster regarding what will happen during labor and birth. Having a child, especially the first one can mean facing a lot of unknowns. It can bring up fears that you didn’t know you had. It can dig up fears that you had long since forgotten.

When heading to a recent birth I had an epiphany: the fears that a woman has controlling her can control the progress and journey that her birth takes her on. It can build her up and make her stronger, or it can challenge her, hold her back and make her feel weaker than she is.

expansionAt Kooshlie Care Doula Service I am excited to be expanding my services. I have more availability to serve your family during labor and birth support, and postpartum care.

I am a certified birth doula through DONA international, and I am a trained postpartum doula awaiting certification. I have been working as a part-time doula, pursuing my passion over the last three years. This year I am stepping out and going into this as a full-time doula. My passion is supporting families as they grow.

As your birth doula, I confidently bring laughter, comfort and knowledge into your labor and birth journey. Depending on where you are in your journey I will meet with you and your support team in person 1-3 times prior to your labor beginning.