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Changing timesI am proud to share that starting today I am fully opening my doors. I am stepping out on faith and diving in full-time into supporting families welcoming new members.

I firmly believe that God has given me a passion for this work.

Thank-you for supporting me! I love you all!

bringing baby homeMost parents don’t think about the daunting task of bringing their new baby home. Here are a few thoughts on the must haves prior your little ones arrival.

1. Carseat, with the base safely installed in the car. Be careful about the purchase of the car seat, not all are created equal. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg, however you should read reviews before purchasing the lowest price.

2. Is there food at home? Even if you have a food train set up you may or may not have all three meals each day, and you may want to eat something other than casserole for your afternoon snack. Consider both you and your partner and make sure you have a few of your favorites tucked away.

Germs“What doesn’t kill them will make them stronger.” “A little dirt never hurt anyone.”
These are two of my mantras for life. Growing up in an old country farm house in the mountains of North Carolina, as one of eight kids, really shaped my view of dirt and germs. I was always outside playing in the mud, if it was dry I was making my own mud. (You have to have mud to play… I mean what are the dolls suppose to eat? Am I right?!) Fast forward a few years; I am now a mom and my household is much different from my childhood.

Planned home birth, hospital birth, induction, or planned epidural.

Let us discuss the possibilities, look at the evidence based studies and discuss your options.

First let me open up what a doula is, and what a doula looks like. I believe there is a misunderstanding about what a doula is, and what we do. A birth doula’s goal is to make sure that you feel heard and supported throughout your birth journey. The key to remember is, that journey is yours. We are not in this business to make sure that we get as many woman as we can to have a natural home birth with zero interventions, we are here to support your journey. If your plan is to get an epidural as soon as the hospital will hook you up, we support your desires.
DONA International has famously stated that they would like to have a doula for every woman.