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Check out this article from ACOG.

Support offered by trained labor coaches such as doulas has been associated with improved birth outcomes, including shortened labor and fewer operative deliveries.

Coming SoonPostpartum Training in Charlotte

I am very excited to announce that I will be attending postpartum training in Charlotte this weekend. My new credentials will be attainted through the Pro Doula group.
I have heard wonderful things about their trainings. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge and in turn my services after this weekend.
As a postpartum doula I will be able to confidently offer evidence based knowledge and support during the first few weeks with a new baby.

Keep it Simple.

As mom’s we have to do this everyday without even acknowledging it most of the time. The moment we add a baby into the mix, simple things like grocery shopping become exponentially more complicated, not only are there more things to shop for, there are more things to bring with you to make sure that your trip is not wasted.

What are your go to solutions for ‘keeping it all together’?

I am going to share a few of mine:

Family TimeSerious thoughts on virtual paper

My husband headed to Louisiana to help our friends who we affected by the flood in August. He will be gone a total of five days. I believe this is the longest that he has been away since we have had Bruce. Naomi was too young to remember the other trips that have taken Daddy away.
I was able to leave work early in order to pick up the kids and meet Stuart at the church so that they were able to say goodbye. That was important, but it also brought to the forefront how integral he is to the life of our family. Bruce always the tender-hearted one had said several times that he would miss him. After they drove away the kids were silent in the back seat with their thoughts.