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BruceFor those of you who don’t know; Bruce has a blood disease called hemolytic spherocytosis. Follow this link to see more information: In layman terms the red blood cells are shaped like basketballs instead of platelets.
His condition is severe enough that he needs to have his spleen removed; we can opt to simply watch him and be ready to do transfusions… but honestly his jaundice is scary to me.

As I was sitting at church listening to my pastor speak I began thinking about the word comfortable… Comfort is always foremost in my mind; not in the lazy, or safe zone since, more along the lines of if things are balanced no matter if we are seeing challenged we should be able to personally be at peace wherever that finds us.
My business name is based (loosely, do to the correct spelling was already taken) on the Norwegian word Kooslig, which means cozy or comfortable. The idea is even in a place of great challenge, pain and unknowns there can be comfort.
I took some time to see if I could come up with what comfortable should look like in our everyday walk.

Sometimes it can feel so overwhelming. As a mother, wife and individual it is hard to balance it all. We have so many strings and paths pulling at us; it can truly bring us down. How can we get through, what is the anchor that holds us through life’s weary storms? For each it is different, as for me I will share my top three.

smileIt’s official

As of Tuesday, April 5th, 2016 I am a certified DONA international Doula.
I am proud to share that I can now add credentials to the end of my name. I can proudly offer my services, knowing that I am official. And it feels great!