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What makes the Doula work?

On this final night of World Doula Week I wanted to discuss a very important role in the life of a doula.

Community support. Without our wonderful husbands, partners, co-workers, employers, in-laws and out-laws there would be no doulas.

This is not a lifestyle that you can jump into without considering the cost. I am so thankful that I have all of the above mentioned people in my life. Without the support of my dear husband this past week would have been extremely rough. I was blessed to be a part of the welcoming team for an awesome little man; that was made possible by my team.

Doula’s make sure your have a team, having a back up is great, but where would we be without our supporters?

#WorldDoulaWeek #thankful

first tasteMy journey towards becoming a Doula has been a slow one. It actually began just over sixteen years ago at the birth of my youngest brother. My mother had invited me to be a part of the birth, I attended her prenatal appointments with the traveling midwife, had sympathy “pains” (probably from imagining what it would be like for me to be the one with a life growing inside). I even went through “nesting” prior to my brother being born; the night before I just felt like cooking. I didn’t know why, but I felt that I needed to provide food for the family in the event that the baby came. I remember making a huge batch of biscuits for the next morning’s meal.

Here we are: the launch.

If you would have asked me three years ago if I ever thought I would be starting out a Doula business on my own, I would have said “Maybe in a Million years.” I will say that I dream a lot and I talk alot; but actually putting into action some of my ideas-. That is pretty amazing.

The more I learn and do through being a Doula, the more confirmation that I get that I am in the right place. This is what I was made for. A Doula is so much more than being a birth partner for me, I believe that it is and needs to become a lifestyle.

I love this little guy, he joined us earth side on December 3rd 2014. This was from my first adventure as a doula after training.
Eli’s birth confirmed for me that I not only love this work, I am passionate about it. It is an honor to be a part of witnessing this moment when Mother and child officially meet face to face.