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Kooshlie Care Childbirth Mini Series

Kooshlie Care Childbirth Mini Series

Join this comprehensive 3-week Childbirth class; we will unpack what all you and your partner need to know to be prepared for your birth.

This class begins on the second Tuesday of each month for 2022. Space is limited during the cooler months to 5 couples per class, so reserve your spot now!

 During the three-week class each week will be a new focus, each week we will build on new parts of your labor and birth stages. Giving you time to think through, apply, and ask questions throughout the journey. 

Kooshlie Care Doula Services is committed to helping to grow confident parents. Parents who know the value of each other during the birthing process. 

 Each week spend your Tuesday with Jessica, bring dinner and eat as you learn. Tuesday’s will be full of active learning, confidence building, and establishing your community as you get to know new people through the class.

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