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Kooshlie Care Doula Services has a team approach to your support and care. After years of working solo, Jessica has carefully curated a team support system that is able to provide wrap around care. This team of doulas works together seemlessly to provide excellent prenatal care, labor support and postpartum support extending into whatever time frame you are needing. 

Our home base is Asheville NC, but we love serving all of WNC with doula support that wraps your family in support and comfort throughout your pregnancy and postpartum time.

Having a doula as part of your support team and builds confidence for both you and your partner. 

"We gave birth to our beautiful daughter yesterday morning. Jessica was so amazing with us! She came at just the right time. Calm and energetic in the exact way we needed at that moment. (And armed with Bojangles chicken biscuits!!) We were in a tough spot with some hard decisions to make. With Jessica there by our side we were able to follow through in the right ways for us. She was integral in guiding us through the labor experience. We will never be able to thank her enough for how she was there for us in our most vulnerable time."   ~ Stephanie W.

The following description is the foundation of all the services offered through Kooshlie Care Doula Services:

Doula support packages vary in price, you can add on different packages and the price will reflect the addition. All fees can be set up as a payment plan, we accept most HSA, and FSA plans, as well as welcome gifts of support from friends and family to offset the cost of the doula support.

Birth Doula. 

Birth doula support: 1-3 prenatal visits. These include either in-person or zoom meetings. During these visits, we go over your birth plan, but mainly we spend time getting to know each other.  Labor support; a large chunk of early labor is phone support, then face-to-face support, as well as 1 postpartum follow-up. During the follow up we discuss your birth story, check on how feeding and sleeping are going ( for the whole family). We troubleshoot, refer, and refresh.

With your permission during your birth, our doula's will have an added focus on capturing those sweet moments of support between you and your partner. The moments that you may miss, and the first moment when it becomes real for Dad. ( My favorite moment of all). 


We always keep a stash of beautifully hand-woven rebozos on hand. (All my rebozos come from Lola My Love) You can choose your own to keep at hire. We can then help you learn the ways that a rebozo can support you during pregnancy and into labor as well as assist you with learning ways that the rebozo moves into the postpartum time as a baby carrier.

Partner Doula 101 $350

I offer a personalized one-on-one class with your partner to prepare them in ways that they can physically, emotionally, support, and advocate for and with you during your laboring time. This is a service that is offered as an extra in the event that a hospital restricts extra support, or in a long-distance support situation.

Custom Childbirth Class 

During this class I come to your home or via zoom and teach a custom planned childbirth education, it can be a one-day affair or a class that is spread out over several meetings. Custom is the name of the game here.  This class can be designed around your personal needs, we can five in deep into topic's that are only pertinent to you.

Postpartum Doula

 Being able to have a solid team providing care for you and your family the moment you get home. Kooshlie Care Doula Services aims to provide you with a cozy environment and support throughout your 4th trimester and beyond. This team can provide cooking, shoping, light cleaning, up to date evidence based information on newborn care. We support you as you navigate parenting, and help you build your skills and confidence. 

Placenta Encapsulation

By encapsulating and ingesting your placenta, you are essentially reintroducing those hormones to your body and contributing to your post birth recovery.

 While there is not much evidence based information available regarding placenta encapsulation for ingestion, the anecdotal evidence is outstanding. Those who have personally benefited from consuming their encapsulated placentas report the following: Increasted milk supply, reduction in postpartum mood disorders, decrease in postpartum bleeding, and increased energy levels over all. 


Service Areas
Asheville NC, Hendersonville NC, Waynesville NC, Sylva NC, Brevard NC, Spruce Pine NC. We do charge a travel fee if we drive more than 45 minutes to the place of service.