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The Kooshlie Care Team

Kooshlie Care is growing! What does this mean for you? This means you get a dedicated Doula as usual, but you’ll also have access to two additional Doulas that assist in providing back up support in births, teaching and for your questions! Because of the expansion of the team, we can now offer wraparound care, postpartum services, as well as placenta encapsulation! Kooshlie Care Doula Services is now truly a one stop shop for education, empowerment and support! Let us welcome our new team!

Barbara Dodd

Barbara DoddBarbara Dodd, lovingly called ‘Babbs’ by my family. Barbara Dodd, “I am a mother of 4 . Mimi of 3. I have a wonderfully supportive husband . I have been with Jessica for 3 years behind the scenes supporting her as her back up in her business. I love supporting parents as they bring their precious babies into their family.”

This year she is stepping into a greater role as we open Kooshlie Care up to the new team dynamic. Barbara is loving, calm and patient. She is such a great presence to bring into your birth journey.

 She is growing in her confidence and skills as a professional doula.  I am so proud to have her on the team!

Kimberly Parker

Kimberly ParkerKimberly Parker has been working as a doula off and on for the last 9 years. During which time she has also had 3 kids of her own. Kimberly brings with her excitement and enthusiasm for whatever you are needing at the time.

Kimberly has always had a passion for supporting growing families, she does this through birth, postpartum and placenta work. She is joining the Kooshlie Care team to offer night shift support, for births, overnight postpartum care, and placenta work.

Having Kimberly on the team is like adding a little extra in your coffee for me. She keeps me motivated and she is a dreamer, which is so refreshing.

I am looking forward to a future with Kimberly on this team.