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As Kooshlie Care Doula Services grows we want to make sure that we are offering a veriety of support for the community. We have support groups for the whole family on Wednesday, and once a month groups for Mom's and Dad's seperately. 

Please sign up for the email reminders about groups that interest you. There is no obligation or cost for these groups. You do not need to be a Kooshlie Client to come. We believe that people are designed for community, and we what to help you build that in this new stage of life that you find yourself in.


At Daddy Debrief we will share our collective birth experiences.

This group will always be held on the last Saturday of the month at 4 pm.

This peer lead support group will help you unpack your experiences and give you the permission to feel and process the journey. Join other fathers as we walk through and grow as parents. Jessica's husband, Stuart will be  present to help give insight into different situations as they come up.

We can process birth stories from your perspective, or simply discuss what is coming up for you as fathers and partners. 

This is a free support group that will be offered monthly for fathers who would like to talk through their birth, and parenting journey. Plan to connect with other fathers, and build life long friends on the same journey.

Coffee, water, and snacks are provided. 

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Are you looking for a safe way to connect with new parents or soon-to-be parents? Look no further! Social Squares with Kooshlie Care Doula services is the place for you to come to visit in a quiet area with other families, and enjoy our large grassy yard, swing set, or screen porch. It is a free gathering twice a month on Thursdays. 

The only things you will need to bring are a blanket, snacks and a water bottle.

We would love to get to know you and your kiddos more, no age limit, all families are welcome.

*We ask that you not come to this event if you or anyone in your household has been exposed to COVID, or has been under the weather.  Masking is optional as this is an open-air gathering.

Please RSVP here so that I can know to expect you.

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Mommy Pump and Dump is a gathering place and support group for all the mom's out there who are working, or simply need a break.  This is always held on the last Saturday of the month at 4 pm.

This is a peer led support group with a doula present to offer insight into different situations. You can come build your community of other mom's, it doesn't not matter the age of your children. 

Take a few hours off and enjoy some snack and beverages with other mom's. You are welcome to talk through your birth stories, parenting joys and whoa's (yes, I spelled it like I meant too.) 

We are here to build up each other, provide new and old friends who are on the same journey together. When we are in the thick of our parenting journey it can feel very much like we are alone and the only one who can do the job... Like Frodo. At this group I hope you find your 'Samwise Gamgee' or you find that you become that support for someone else.

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Our Monthly Pregnancy Circle is a place for all our pregnant clients to gather together and learn from each other and build their community of other families who are going through the same thing.

We discuss topic's that you select and let us know that you would like to go over, book suggestions, trimester specific suggestions, how to not 'loose yourself,' nutrition, new baby care and or whatever else is coming up for you.

This group is for Kooshlie Care clients, but is open to the public as well, if you are not a Kooshlie Care client we are asking for a $5 donation when you join us.