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Mommy Pump and Dump

Mommy Pump and Dump is a gathering place and support group for all the mom's out there who are working, or simply need a break.  This is always held on the last Saturday of the month at 4 pm.

This is a peer led support group with a doula present to offer insight into different situations. You can come build your community of other mom's, it doesn't not matter the age of your children. 

Take a few hours off and enjoy some snack and beverages with other mom's. You are welcome to talk through your birth stories, parenting joys and whoa's (yes, I spelled it like I meant too.) 

We are here to build up each other, provide new and old friends who are on the same journey together. When we are in the thick of our parenting journey it can feel very much like we are alone and the only one who can do the job... Like Frodo. At this group I hope you find your 'Samwise Gamgee' or you find that you become that support for someone else.

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