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Postpartum With Grace

Postpartum With Grace support group designed to walk you through the emotions, physical and mental shifts, challenges, and celebrations that come with having a baby. Register online
Participants will receive a Postpartum Grace Guide, colored pencils, and digital handouts each week. ⠀
The journal walks participants through the first 42 days postpartum. Even if you are further into your postpartum journey, the guide will still be helpful.
Additionally, we will meet each Tuesday, 10 a.m. - 11 a.m. via Zoom to chat about what's coming up for you in your experience and touching on the following topics:⠀
- Your Birth Story⠀
- Nourishment⠀
- Sleep ⠀
- Self-care/Family-Care/Intimacy⠀
- Vitality and Movement

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