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Preparing for your baby's delivery is one of the most important stages of pregnancy. I advise reading books that will help you get ready for labor and listening to other ladies' birth stories.

The cost of a doula in Asheville NC has a wide range. It can range from $900- $3000. There are several factors in the range of the cost. I will attempt to break down the options and explain the value of doula support. 

What is covered in the cost of a doula?

A doula is a trained professional that you have along your journey that is a type of ‘birth sherpa,’ for you and your partner. They are available from the time you hire them until after the birth of your baby to help you navigate all the questions that come up for all new parents. We help you avoid going down a google rabbit hole that provides more concerns than answers. We also help you sort out what is good advice, and what is just…. Advice.  

 We understand and value the physiological ability of your body to give birth, and we are there with that knowledge to support you along the way during your labor, by providing the needed counter pressure, movement or emotional support to help you along your labor journey.22671071 6E03 463D 8D85 AC8A2D34E9AC

A doula provides support to the rest of your team. Kooshlie Care Doula Services firmly believes a doula is not there just for the mother giving birth, but also there for the whole family. Partner, extended family. We help your partner know just how to support you best, and we can take over the communication with your family who may not be with you so that you both can stay in the moment and ready to take on each new phase.

Doula’s who have an option to provide a lower cost usually will negotiate with you on a few prenatal meetings, or solely hospital support the day of. These are always options when you are interviewing a doula. The higher end of the cost usually comes with added support measures that the doula provides to the family through extra meetings before and after, photography, personal education, or other things that can be worked out with your personal doula.

Most doulas are open to discussing their price point and have options to make the cost of support something that everyone can achieve. 

How can I pay for my Doula

There are many ways that you can pay for your doula. Cash is always accepted, most reputable doulas are set up to take payments via debit or credit. Here at Kooshlie Care you can also share this page link “Give a gift” for friends and family to give a gift towards your account. I have actually seen full doula fees covered this way.

 At Kooshlie Care Doula Services, we can also accept HSA and FSA payments. If you are using an insurance plan such as ‘Samaritan’ they will cover your doula or at least part of the doula fee.

depending on the kind of insurance you have sometimes you can use that to pay. 

Questions to ask
  1. How long have you been working as a doula?
  2. What kind of training have you been to and what did they specialize in?
  3. Are you a credentialed doula? (In a lot of cases this will not matter, but there are some hospitals that require proof of a credentialed doula. This assures the hospital that you are getting the right support. Some insurance’s will want to know this as more and more are starting to reimburse or cover doula support.
  4. What do you bring with you to the birth?
  5. What is included in your standard support package?
  6. Why did you become a doula?
  7. What is your birth support philosophy?
Choosing a doula

Choosing a doula out of all of the doula’s who work in Asheville NC comes down to a personal connection. It is always a good idea to ask questions about training and experience, but at the end of the day, it is that personal clique- when you know you have met ‘your people.’ You never want to work with someone that you have to be a different person in front of. Be you, and if that doesn’t work, that is ok, you will find the right person for you. 

In Asheville NC you have a lot of options for doula support, we also work at all of the area hospitals, home births, and the birth center. SO just know that it doesn’t matter where you are giving birth in the greater ‘Asheville Area’ a doula is available to you.


Setting up an interview

Thank you for reading this, to set up an interview with me you can do it in multiple ways! You can follow the contact me link on this page and email me, you can set up a video interview, or you can do my favorite and set up an in person interview. I love getting to know people and finding connections. You can sign up for my once a month Kooshlie Connections- This is a ‘group interview’ style meeting where you and other clients come together to learn about doula support with Kooshlie Care Doula services. You can also text or call me: 828-545-1060.

The postpartum period can be an overwhelming and challenging time for new parents. While the focus is often on preparing for the birth, many people forget to plan for the weeks and months that follow. 

This is where postpartum doulas can be incredibly helpful. In this blog post, we will explore what postpartum doulas are, what they do, and why you should consider hiring one.

How I Define Community

To me, community includes a variety of people who generally do life together.  They live near one another, work together, and gather together.  Community can be as small as the people in your personal circle or as vast as anyone you encounter.  To take it even further, what makes a community strong and genuine is when we build up and support each other no matter individual beliefs, backgrounds, faiths, or family dynamics. Surrounding yourself with only like-minded people can put you in an echo chamber that limits your ability to grow and learn as a person. A genuine community does not exile those with different values or ways of thinking or living, but rather embraces how they work together for the betterment of everyone.