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I am traveling this weekend at the DONA International Summit. I am thrilled and honored to be here. We have people representing all areas and walks of life. We have a doula who is living in Washington State, and learning, as she prepares to take all of her knowledge and practice back to Taiwan. We have doulas whose focus is working on changing the racial and economic bias in our healthcare system. We have Agency owners, solo doulas, doulas with years of experience, and brand new ‘baby’ doulas.

The kids are back in school, I have a busy month, and for the first time in 2 years, I will have a month off from being the primary caregiver for my aging mother in law. I don’t mind caring for people at all stages. (I am the mom that tries to catch the puke… as if that will help matters.)

This month is the time that I am planning to organize my time and be productive. That way in October when I dive back into all of my work I will have a good system in place.


I am thinking about gathering interviews in a ‘podcast’ format. Whom should I interview?

I would like to highlight local businesses, entrepreneur’s, mom’s (working and stay at home). Dads- If you are interested, or if you have an idea about a topic, shoot me an email!

These times that we find ourselves in are polarizing. From where I see it, everyone is divided and must take a side or find a way to keep our heads down to not get torn in two. I blame the media. The news doesn’t sell unless there is controversy, and nothing in the last few years comes anywhere close to being unbiased and 100% factual. There are always three sides to any story, the right, the left, and the middle. The middle is where grace abides.